The aim of Gentle Bio-Energetics is to restore a person’s natural vitality


The creator of Gentle Bio-Energetics is Eva Reich. Her teachings originate from the work of her father Wilhelm Reich, who was a student of Sigmund Freud. 

The aim of Gentle Bio-Energetics is to restore a person’s natural vitality through the gentle opening of the armor (horizontal blockages in the body). By gently melting the armor, the energy flow in the body is restored and begins to flow naturally. The person starts to use their full potential in this life.

How do these techniques work?

As the name suggests, it is a variety of gentle bodywork techniques. All techniques are gentle and mild. The extent to which a person opens up in any therapy process depends on the extent to which they are willing to open up and let go of their guard at that moment.

Eva Reich has compared Gentle Bio-Energetics to peeling an onion. Layer by layer, all the superfluous things we have grown around us in our lives are peeled away. Our original essence is a soft core inside an onion. Another option is to approach the onion in a rough and vigorous way. Cut the whole onion with a knife in an instant. What happens is that your eyes start to water and you feel uncomfortable. Which method seems more natural to you?

What is an armor?

Armor is a blockage in the body caused by trauma, which prevents the free movement of energy. As a result, human energy flow, movement and creativity are inhibited. Each person’s armor is individual, just as we are unique as people. An armor is a survival mechanism that humans have grown around themselves to protect them from getting hurt.

Trauma is often stored in our body’s cellular memory and insidiously buried in the subconscious, of which we are unaware. A variety of bodywork techniques are used to gently melt the armor and restore energy.

Methods of Gentle Bio-Energetics

In Gentle Bio-Energetics, as a therapist, I choose the most appropriate bodywork methods for the client. I use both verbal mapping and a variety of bodywork techniques:

  • Body Balance
  • Butterfly Touch Massage
  • Metamorphosis
  • Psychodrama Birth
  • Trauma Life Line

Why Gentle Bio-Energetics?

As the name suggests, Gentle Bio-Energetics is a gentle and safe way to gently melt the blockages – armor – in the body.

The touches are gentle and soft. The customer is safely guided through the process.

Eva Reich’s greatest desire and mission was to give people back their stories. Their Life Stories.

Who is Gentle Bio-Energetics for?

Gentle Bio-Energetics is suitable for pregnant women, children of all ages and young people. For adults and the elderly.

It is used for healing birth traumas and early childhood traumas. After various operations. After administration of anesthetics or analgesics. For different traumas. For the consequences of emotional suffering. To restore vitality. To release sexual energy. In case of fear and anxiety.

Gentle bio-energy is suitable for families:

who are planning for a baby;

for mothers and babies after childbirth to restore and strengthen the bond;

for babies to restore their vitality.

Gentle Bio-Energetics, first meeting (2–2.5 h) 95 €

At the first meeting, we will take time for you. We will map out your life cycle, highlighting recurring patterns and situations in your life.

Gentle energetics, follow-up meetings (1–1.5 h) 85 €

We use a variety of gentle bio-energetic therapies and blend them with cognitive techniques, based on each person’s uniqueness.

Gentle Bio-Energetics for children and young people (0.45–1 h) 55 €

Today’s society places great challenges and pressure on children and young people. Through mild Gentle Bio-Energetics therapy methods, we can help them to be more in tune with themselves.