Body de-armouring

body de-armouring

Let go of toxic emotions and make space for pleasure and joy

It’s a therapy, that removes most of the emotional burden that has been stored in your body since early childhood and even birth. The emotions that haven’t been expressed, stay in our body memory in certain locations. This technique helps to unwind the knots in your body where these emotions hide. It releases a lot of spare energy that your body can use for self-healing or orgasms. You will get a better connection to your body and start to listen to what are your body needs. It helps you better to navigate through life and honor your own boundaries. Your body becomes a holy temple, where your soul resides. You can feel sensations that you never felt before. The body becomes more orgasmic and sensual.

It gives taste to life. 

Anger, fear, rage, shame, guilt, stress – all of these toxic emotions can be released from your body using this unique technique. Body De-armouring is a massage therapy that helps to unwind the energetic knots and release the emotions underneath those points in the body.

Instead of visiting a psychologist for years talking about your issues, this practice gives direct access to the core issues without any words. Our body is built so that every time we suppress our emotion, it buries it into the tissue, creating muscle tension and even pain. This process begins in early childhood when parents or teachers didn’t allow you to express your emotions like sadness or rage, or sometimes even happiness. Year after year we learn to adapt by hiding our feelings until the point where we don’t feel at all.

This affects our relationships, our moods, and even our ability to feel pleasure. Instead, we are left with the constant feeling of anxiety. The anxiety is caused by unexpressed emotions hidden underneath the surface. That’s why we need to shake and scream and do those dynamic meditations or breathwork to shake out those hidden emotions. Or you can try Body De-armouring which goes straight to those points in the body where those emotions hide.

During the session, you might fall into tears or start laughing spontaneously. It’s because the emotions are coming out. You might also feel a lot of pain and then relief.

Because the energy in those points is struck and it gets painful. Once the energy is released, you feel energised and expanded and light, like there is more space in your body.

And the most important side-effect of this therapy is the new way of communicating with the body.

Most of us are disconnected from our bodies so we don’t hear what the body is telling us. This massage opens the feedback channel so you start hearing what your body is telling you.

This helps my clients to navigate through life without causing harm to themselves anymore. Instead, the body starts to feel pleasure and enjoy life more.

Give yourself permission to let go of those toxic emotions and make space for pleasure and joy by receiving a body de-armouring session.


One session takes about two hours. Plus 30-60 minutes for a discussion. It costs 200€. The therapist for Body De-armouring session is Igor Earthchild. Igor has been a tantra massage practicioner since 2017. He is giving sessions in Anahata studio in Helsinki and in Tallinn. Find out more about Igor Earthchild HERE.

You can also visit Igor’s massage page on Facebook.


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