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Give yourself the opportunity to relax and take care of your body.


I provide massage for various muscle and joint problems to restore normal body functions and joint mobility. The massage activates the lymphatic and circulatory systems and releases toxins and lactic acid from the muscles.


Drum therapy is a wonderful way to bring peace and relaxation into the fast pace of your everyday life. In a deeply relaxed state, muscle tension is reduced, pain is alleviated and energy levels increase. 


In Gentle Bio-Energetics, as a therapist, I choose the most appropriate bodywork methods for the client. I use both verbal mapping and a variety of bodywork techniques.


Sехual energy is our life force. Free-flowing sехual energy unlocks our creativity, gives us the courage to follow our own path, to do the things that make our souls sing. 



Do you want to take a moment for yourself and pay attention to your well-being?
Are you wondering which form of therapy is the most suitable for you at the moment? Want to ask more about therapies?

I would like to offer you a 15-minute video consultation as a gift. Together we will find the best possible option that will support you in this moment.
Hello Hello,
Well, it's been a long time 🙂 I don't remember anymore!
The massage was good because all the muscles that are not normally worked were used! It was a good relaxed feeling!
But bioenergetics worked much later, or at least until now! There is such a clearer picture in front of the eyes! Well, it is clearer in this sense that there are no distracting worries and nervousness! I also notice it when driving a bus! Those things that were exciting half a year or a little more ago, now I don't understand!


For some inexplicable reason, perfection lacks this missing piece of the puzzle. Before the therapy, there was a feeling that the balance was out of place, the energies were getting stuck. With bioenergetics, I experienced a renewal of energy movement. I experienced different journeys on another level. After the knee surgery, I experienced a warm flow of energy passing through my body in therapy. I let myself be myself and experienced the warm and powerful energy of lovely Bella. I feel connected to myself.



I got in touch with you through my loved one and it was the best thing ever!
I initially came to therapy to discuss and map childhood traumas. For some reason, when I walked in the door, I was very skeptical and felt uncomfortable, but after a little talking and talking about all topics, I felt warmth.
Every time I leave therapy I feel a great sense of lightness and also clarity and positivity.
I feel that I can move forward in my self-development and I know how!

I have experienced drum therapy and gentle bio-energetic balancing.
I was very skeptical about drum therapy, but as Bella said, I saw visions and received my definite message from them. It was a very exciting and pleasant experience.
The mild bio-energetic balancing has also been such a relieving and pleasant process that the last time after the therapy, I sat back in the chair with such a great feeling of relief that I didn't even realize before how much tension I had been carrying with me.
I have recommended and will continue to recommend Bella therapy to everyone I talk to! I am very happy with all the help that Bella has provided!



In the case of Bella, I feel that everything she does, she does with her heart, gently and caringly, but if necessary, she also brings out the pain points. I feel that I am being taken care of in the best possible way. Therapies flow, exactly as my body needs it, everything turns out on the spot, according to my needs. Such an intuitive approach helps to find suitable solutions in the best way. Bella has a very wide knowledge of nutrition, ayurveda, yoga and tantra. This ancient knowledge, combined with modern methods, helps her see the person as a whole and help him in the best possible way. I have been to many therapies, but I have yet to meet a therapist as warm and caring as Bella. Thank you!


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