You are welcome to enjoy a personalized treatment just for you

I'm a certified massage therapist. In my work, I use different types of massage, stretches and joint mobilization techniques.

I provide massage for various muscle and joint problems to restore normal body functions and joint mobility. The massage activates the lymphatic and circulatory systems and releases toxins and lactic acid from the muscles.

Many problems in the musculoskeletal system stem from stress and strain in our lives. On this occasion, I offer a general relaxing massage to help you recover from the fast pace of life.

During the appointment, I will, if required, guide you in various independent therapeutic exercises and stretches and in the use of ergonomic postures in your daily life.

I’m a certified massage therapist, qualified in Finland by Valvira to work as a healthcare professional in my field.

Massage can help with:

  • various muscle tension and pain conditions
  • neck and shoulder tension
  • back problems and sciatica
  • stress-related tensions
  • insomnia
  • headache (tension headaches)
  • joint stiffness and pain

Massage 30 min 40 €
Massage 45 min 50 €
Massage 60 min 60 €
Massage 90 min 80 €
Massage 120 min 110 €